Don’t judge a book by its cover: Red Lion Orlando Hotel

My friend and I had decided on squeezing in a full day at Disney World, which meant we ended up crashing at a hotel close to the resort in order to make the most of the day.  Most professional organizations have discount travel programs (mine does), so I checked through the discount travel site to … Continue reading Don’t judge a book by its cover: Red Lion Orlando Hotel

From one corner to the other…

Of the United States that is.  Okay, so technically it's not quite true since I actually flew from Vancouver, but we'll just go with it. One of the things I've always found a bit funny/strange is that most of the time it can take longer to travel within North America than it does to travel … Continue reading From one corner to the other…

Trip Report: Lufthansa SEA-FRA Business

After landing at Seatac airport I had about 4 hours to kill so I decided to visit both the United Club in the main terminal and The Club at the south terminal.  The United Club was almost empty as there were not many united flights leaving around the time I arrived.  It's a petty small … Continue reading Trip Report: Lufthansa SEA-FRA Business

Trip Report: Air Canada YVR-SEA Economy

So by the time I was finally getting my flights all sorted there was almost nothing left for a transpacific flight in business class; in fact, the agent who was helping me couldn't pull up anything at all on their system. I was finding one transatlantic flight with availability: SEA-FRA on Lufthansa, but that meant getting to Seattle first.

Trip Report: Istanbul and Dubai, Fall 2015

As I mentioned, I'm going to go over a few older trips while I've got a bit of down time... First up is my trip to Istanbul and Dubai in October of last year. I'll be posting this in a few parts. Introduction and planning Air Canada YVR-SEA Economy Lufthansa SEA-FRA Business Lufthansa FRA-FCO Business A … Continue reading Trip Report: Istanbul and Dubai, Fall 2015

Airline + Sale = new trip!

Okay, so I might have done a bit of a bad thing. I bought another airline ticket.  I know this doesn't seem bad, and it was a really good deal, so I should have just gone for it, right?  Well I did. If you're thinking of heading over to Europe in the fall, there are … Continue reading Airline + Sale = new trip!

I think I was a travel agent in another life…

When I’m not travelling (yes, it does happen occasionally), I’m usually planning my next trip, which includes scouring the internet for deals, looking at award space on airlines, and generally just keeping my eyes open. My upcoming trip in July was pretty much an accident… a happy, once-in-a-lifetime type accident that kind of fell into … Continue reading I think I was a travel agent in another life…