Stockholm for a Whole Week!

So I’ve got another crazy trip coming up! If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you would not find this shocking. The surprising part is that I’m actually spending a whole 6 days in Stockholm! The crazy part is just they way I get there. I never spend that much time in one place, so it should be fun! I’m going to visit a friend who just bought a house there (although I really don’t need a reason to visit) and I managed to get a fantastic deal on airfare!

It’s a bit convoluted…My routing is as follows:

  • YVR-SEA-SFO on Alaska
  • ARN-IST on Atlas Global
  • IST-CDG on Air France
  • CDG-SEA-SFO on Delta
  • SFO-SEA-YVR on Alaska

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Packing up

Today is my last free day in Australia before I head home.  It’s been a long time away; 2 months to the day when I step off the plane in YVR.  There have been some ups and downs along the way, and changing gears half way through was a bit of a challenge.  But now I’m starting to pack up to head back and I know I’m going to miss parts of it.

The last few weeks in Australia has been different and interesting, and although I didn’t get to explore as much of it as I’d like, I definitely got to check a few things off the bucket list.  And I know I want to come back 🙂  And I got to make a lot of contacts here in the office, which is always good to have.

I’ll be posting about the trip in more details in the weeks to come, but I’ve tried to strike a balance of going and exploring as much as I can, but not burning out between the long work weeks.  I’ve explored a lot more of the area around Sydney than I would have on a typical vacation, which has been nice and given me a bit of a different view on the city. Continue reading