A Weekend in Europe

I’ll cover more details of my travels later, but since everyone thinks I was crazy for doing it, I though I would add a blog post about what I did the other weekend.  In Europe.

Yes, it’s been pointed out to me a few times that going all that way for a long weekend is a bit ridiculous; however, I knew it would be later in the year and I wouldn’t have that much vacation time left, so I took a 4 day weekend and ran with it.

Dinner in the UK

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Musings from 36,000 ft

Sometimes there are moments when you travel when stuff just hits you. Running back and forth to another continent for a weekend is fun, but it can also be stressful. I’m not sure why, but on my recent flight back from London, I had one of those experiences. And I wrote about it it the moment
It’s been a roller-coaster weekend when it comes to my emotions, but I have to say the capper is happening right now. I’m currently speeding 36,000ft above the earth at over 900 km/h over the coast of Greenland. Most would say this is an odd place to have a “moment,” and generally I’d agree. I’ve flown over this spot likely tens if not a hundred times, but this is the first time it’s had an impact. Continue reading

New Zealand to Australia on a South American Airline.

I arrived back in Auckland mid-day and was once again greeted by my friends parents at the airport and went back out to the Beachlands.  After a quick visit, some puppy cuddles, and dropping my bags, I was back on the ferry to head into the city.  I did some more general site seeing, got my mugs from Starbucks and met up with my friends for a nice dinner at Hector’s.  Hector’s is great because they have a number of veggie and vegan options and promote healthy and sustainable dining practices.  It’s also quite a nice space, being inside the Heritage Hotel.  It wasn’t particularly busy on a Friday night, but it was a great chance to catch up and enjoy some time with my friends.  I caught a late ferry back to the Beachlands and went to bed fairly quickly as my flight was early early early the next morning.

Delicious dinner at Hector’s

As my flight back from Auckland was supposed to be part of my awards ticket, I had to find an alternate flight for the trip back to Sydney.  One of the cheaper options was to fly on LATAM (formerly LAN), a South American airline.  Typically airlines are only allowed to fly to/from the countries they operate in; however, in some instances, they continue their flights on to a 3rd country.  These are called 5th freedom flights and can sometimes be a lot of fun to fly.  I remember getting to fly a big Qantas plane (perhaps even a 747) from San Francisco to Vancouver when they flew SYD-SFO-YVR-SYD.  The bonus of these flights is that while they are relatively short, they are usually on the latest and greatest of the airline’s long haul product.  It’s like taking the airline for a test drive before committing to a 9 hour flight.

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Where did all this “busy” come from?

If you can’t tell from the title, I’ve been a bit swamped recently.  A lot of it has been work related, but I haven’t gotten much down time either.  Between a quick wine pick up trip to Seattle, puppy-sitting my bestest puppy, taking part in “bike to work week,” and generally trying to catch up on life, I’ve had limited time to put all my recent trips to paper (not sure I can really say paper… keyboard?)… and I’m still trying to catch up from August 😮

I have been putting up a few things on Vegan Travel as I go… you can check out my blogger page here: https://www.vegantravel.com/vegan-travelers/vegan-traveler-blog-jenn/

I am hoping to make some serious progress this weekend, and maybe get a post up this week, but I’m making no promises. I though I would share a few pictures from my recent trips to tide you over.  Enjoy!

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