Soaking up Sun in Palm Springs

So after getting my fill of snow in Utah, it was time to head off to the dessert in California.  I usually try to not waste a lot of time at the airport and end up cutting it fairly close when it comes to checking in, but this time I surprised even myself.  After scheduling the 5am shuttle from my hotel, we actually ended up leaving at 5:05am, at which point I was starting to get a little worried as my flight was at 6am. A slightly stressful drive over to the airport went smoothly and I went straight to the counter to drop of my bags (thank you priority check-in!) and walked over to security.  As I was heading through the security check I got a notification that my flight was boarding, so I picked up my bags on the other side, walked to the gate, and straight on to the plane.  From the time I left the hotel to the time I was sitting in my seat on the plane was a mere 20 min!  I think that will be my personal best for quite a while. Continue reading


Flashback Friday: A Roman Layover

Off to Rome – November 2015

After a lot of last minute switching, my trip to Europe ended up having a 23 hours in Rome.  So after a stressful day and night, I got up early to head to YVR to catch a quick shuttle flight to SeaTac in a little prop plane (Dash 8). The flight was short and fairly uneventful, although the cloud cover coming in to Seattle was impressive and I felt like we were stuck in a cloud… But we eventually broke free and landed. After a fairly long layover in Seattle, where I visited both the United Club Lounge in Concourse A and The Club at the south terminal, it was time to head off to Frankfurt.

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Trip Report: Air Canada YVR-SEA Economy

So by the time I was finally getting my flights all sorted there was almost nothing left for a transpacific flight in business class; in fact, the agent who was helping me couldn’t pull up anything at all on their system.  I was finding one transatlantic flight with availability: SEA-FRA on Lufthansa, but that meant getting to Seattle first.

There were some schedule changes that made my original flight a bit more onerous, so I ended up switching to a single stop in Chicago and then on to Istanbul. However, when I was printing out all my documents, I realized that my visa didn’t start until the 9th (the day I was supposed to arrive) and now my flight was scheduled to arrive the 8th… Lesson learned: get the visa for a day or two before you arrive in case your flights/schedule changes. Continue reading

Trip Report: Istanbul and Dubai, Fall 2015

As I mentioned, I’m going to go over a few older trips while I’ve got a bit of down time… First up is my trip to Istanbul and Dubai in October of last year. I’ll be posting this in a few parts.

  • Introduction and planning
  • Air Canada YVR-SEA Economy
  • Lufthansa SEA-FRA Business
  • Lufthansa FRA-FCO Business
  • A day in Rome
  • Turkish Airlines FCO-IST Business
  • Istanbul not Constantinople
  • Emirates IST-DXB Economy
  • Dubai, city of concrete and sand
  • Turkish Airlines DXB-IST Business
  • Turkish Airlines IST-lAX Business
  • Air Canada LAX-YVR Business

Introduction and Planning

The impetus for this trip was getting rid of my Aeroplan points as I was not flying Air Canada enough to accumulate very many and it was likely that I would lose my status after that year.  When looking at redemption options I had more than enough for a round trip business class ticket to Europe but not enough to get all the way to Dubai to visit my friend 😦  But with a little creative thinking I did have enough points to get a one way trip for each!  I would just need to buy a short hop between Dubai and Eastern Europe (wherever I ended up going).   After looking through the Europe 2 options, I decided that Turkey would be a great place to go because it was on my “list” and it was fairly close to Dubai (as far as Europe goes).

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