New Zealand… South.

So after my short stop in Auckland it was off to Queenstown!  I actually booked these flights only a few days before since I wasn't sure what the plan would be until I met up with my company peeps in Sydney.  There wasn't a whole lot of price variation, so I booked a Jetstar flight … Continue reading New Zealand… South.

Journey to Middle Earth

Cairns Airport is fairly small, so there wasn't a lot to do while waiting to start my trip to Auckland.  I had checked my bag and waited uneventfully in the terminal to board my first flight to Melbourne.  I had fretted over my seat assignment, as I wanted a good view as we left Cairns, … Continue reading Journey to Middle Earth

A quick update from my travels

I've been having a wonderful time in Stockholm visiting my friends and even had a chance to jump over to Helsinki for the day on the infamous "Party Ferry".  While the trip over was relatively painless (except for the pure number of stopovers), the trip home is a different story.  I left my friends around … Continue reading A quick update from my travels

No tripod? No problem!

I'm not a big user of Kickstarter, but every once in a while something comes up that really gets me excited!  This time it's the Podo!  A stick and shoot camera. Being a solo traveler, I often find myself taking awkward selfies or having to track down a stranger to take a picture for me. … Continue reading No tripod? No problem!

The Great Barrier Reef aka Found Nemo!

I know it's been a while...So I'm going to skip over the two days I spend in Sydney and jump up to my trip to the Great Barrier Reef! I had gotten a late night flight up to Cairns (pronounced CAHNS or something like that... I still don't have it right) Thursday on Qantas and … Continue reading The Great Barrier Reef aka Found Nemo!