Flashback Friday: A Roman Layover

Off to Rome - November 2015 After a lot of last minute switching, my trip to Europe ended up having a 23 hours in Rome.  So after a stressful day and night, I got up early to head to YVR to catch a quick shuttle flight to SeaTac in a little prop plane (Dash 8). … Continue reading Flashback Friday: A Roman Layover

The long road home… via Japan.

My original plan was to fly home from Melbourne via LAX.  I was very excited because I'd manage to score a first class ticket on Qantas!  Unfortunately, with my change in plans, I ended up having to cancel the ticket 😦  So instead, my flight home ended up taking me back through Japan on Japan … Continue reading The long road home… via Japan.

Flashback Friday: Panama

So I've decided to start a series chronicling some of my trips prior to starting this blog.  They won't be nearly as detailed as my newer posts, but hopefully will be just as enjoyable.  They will be in no particular order and will be posted on (you guessed it) Fridays!  I make no promises that … Continue reading Flashback Friday: Panama

New Year, New Photos? Check me out on Instagram!

Hello to everyone who has made it to this page! If you aren't yet, follow along with me on Instagram! I post as I travel, so updates are in "real time" as I wander around the world.  Here is just a small sample of some of the photos from last year. Looking forward to adding … Continue reading New Year, New Photos? Check me out on Instagram!

Six weeks in Sydney

After arriving in Sydney, I started to get settled for my time there.  Most of the weekdays were spent at the office, so I won't bore you with those details, but I did manage to get up to some adventures on the weekend. Hiking in the Blue Mountains The Blue Mountains lie to the west … Continue reading Six weeks in Sydney