3 ticket, 6 fights, and 56 hours…

In order to get a good deal on tickets, I’m willing to fly a bit out of the way; okay a lot out of the way.  My flight home from Sweden was not only long, but ended up being longer than anticipated.

The journey started out decently.  I found a cheap flight to Istanbul on AtlasGlobal which arrived late on the Saturday night, with plenty of time to make my connection.  Since these were two separate tickets I wanted to allow for a lot of time in case something went wrong; luckily, it didn’t.  AtlasGlobal is a discount carrier based in Turkey, but they are much better than any other “discount” airline I’ve flown, such as EasyJet or Ryan Air.  The flight from Stockholm to Istanbul was on time, and fairly pleasant.  With free food, free drinks, and a row to myself, it was a lot better than many flights in North America.  I will say that someone was allowing their children to run up and down the aisle, jumping on seats.  Some people just have no clue.  I was close to saying something, but then the drink cart came by and blocked them in the back of the plane for a while… and the wine also helped. Continue reading


Flashback Friday: It’s Istanbul, not Constantinople

Istanbul – November 2015

Continuing on from Rome, I was off on another airplane.  After an amazing, albeit short, flight on Turkish Airways, I arrived in Istanbul.

Istanbul has always seemed like such an impossible place to go. I’m not sure why it’s seemed so much further away than the rest of Europe, but it has. Turkey has always seemed more foreign and mysterious to me, but I was glad to finally have the chance to explore a new country. I had 3 days to run around the city and see the sights, including going to a new continent!
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Trip Report: Istanbul and Dubai, Fall 2015

As I mentioned, I’m going to go over a few older trips while I’ve got a bit of down time… First up is my trip to Istanbul and Dubai in October of last year. I’ll be posting this in a few parts.

  • Introduction and planning
  • Air Canada YVR-SEA Economy
  • Lufthansa SEA-FRA Business
  • Lufthansa FRA-FCO Business
  • A day in Rome
  • Turkish Airlines FCO-IST Business
  • Istanbul not Constantinople
  • Emirates IST-DXB Economy
  • Dubai, city of concrete and sand
  • Turkish Airlines DXB-IST Business
  • Turkish Airlines IST-lAX Business
  • Air Canada LAX-YVR Business

Introduction and Planning

The impetus for this trip was getting rid of my Aeroplan points as I was not flying Air Canada enough to accumulate very many and it was likely that I would lose my status after that year.  When looking at redemption options I had more than enough for a round trip business class ticket to Europe but not enough to get all the way to Dubai to visit my friend 😦  But with a little creative thinking I did have enough points to get a one way trip for each!  I would just need to buy a short hop between Dubai and Eastern Europe (wherever I ended up going).   After looking through the Europe 2 options, I decided that Turkey would be a great place to go because it was on my “list” and it was fairly close to Dubai (as far as Europe goes).

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