Trip Report: Lufthansa SEA-FRA Business

After landing at Seatac airport I had about 4 hours to kill so I decided to visit both the United Club in the main terminal and The Club at the south terminal.  The United Club was almost empty as there were not many united flights leaving around the time I arrived.  It’s a petty small lounge but it’s got a nice seating area, a limited bar and food area, coffee maker, newspapers and magazines… Pretty much everything you’d expect in a United Club lounge.  I had a drink and settled into a chair to charge my phone and hop on the wifi.  Though the airport has free wifi, I find that typically lounge wifi will be faster and has much longer time limits, if any, before you have to reconnect.

After a few hours relaxing in the quiet lounge, I moved over to the south satellite terminal, hoping on the train for the quick trip to the gates.  Upon making my way to the gate area I headed over to The Club lounge to wait for my flight to board.  This lounge was much busier, but I managed to find an empty seat and settled in to wait.  This lounge had a larger selection of food, and more drinks options, including mixed drinks which they would make for you and bring to you at your seat.  I grabbed a few snacks and a drink or two while I was waiting.  The lounge had large windows looking out onto the Tarmac and if you grab a bar seat by the window, you can watch the dance of planes.

After a while I figured it was time to head to the gate as it was almost time to board.  By the time I got there lines had already formed for all sections of the plane.  I got into the business class and elite members line and boarding started about 5 minutes later.

The flight to Frankfurt was on a 747, and since the plane didn’t have a first class, the upper deck was business class and I managed to score a window seat on the upper deck when I did my online check in! I’ve always loved 747s but don’t get to fly in them very often since I don’t really fly internationally all that much. Ever since I was little I’ve always thought that a plane with stairs was so cool! So I boarded the plane and climbed the stairs to the upper deck (yay!) and found my seat in row 83… Third row of the upper deck. The plane has the new Lufthansa business lie flat seat, but unlike some of the other configurations, the seats are parallel and are angled slightly away from the aisle; this meant the window seat felt fairly private, especially when the seat was all the way down.

Due to the last minute switching I wasn’t able to order a special meal on the flight, but surprisingly there were enough vegetarian/vegan options that I didn’t starve; even though I couldn’t eat the entire dish, I could usually pick around whatever I couldn’t eat. The service was great, good wine selections and I even got a bit of port with dessert. The entertainment wasn’t all that impressive, an okay selection but seeing as I was hoping to spend a good chunk of the flight sleeping, that maybe worked to my advantage. There were some tv episodes and a bunch of movies, but nothing really grabbed my attention, so I ended up watching mostly things I’d seen before. After dinner I did manage to get a good nap in. The seat does go all the way down to create a bed, but the headrest means it doesn’t quite feel flat, especially if you use the pillow, but still flat enough to get some actual sleep.

With just under 2 hours to go, breakfast was served, complete with espresso (if you asked), and we started our decent down to Frankfurt. The entire flight was fairly smooth except for about 10 minutes where we crossed the jet stream and had to switch altitudes. We landed and taxied to our remote gate and got on the bus to the terminal. We had landed a bit early, so I would actually have time to use to lounge in Frankfurt, so that would be my next destination.

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