Airline + Sale = new trip!

Okay, so I might have done a bit of a bad thing. I bought another airline ticket.  I know this doesn’t seem bad, and it was a really good deal, so I should have just gone for it, right?  Well I did.

If you’re thinking of heading over to Europe in the fall, there are some great business class deals!  Most of them seem to be on KLM/Delta/Air France and are about $1500-$1700 CAD round trip, which is an AMAZING deal for business class.  It usually costs just that much to do a last minute upgrade both ways.  So I’m heading to Stockholm to see my friend’s new house! and perhaps meet up with some other peeps along the way.

I ended up booking through the Delta website and they had a pretty good offer on their credit card.  $100 credit and 50,000 miles after spending $2000 (which I’m over half way with with this ticket so should be able to do!).  It’s not a cc I would regularly go after, but it made this deal even sweeter!  Plus it gets me a whole bunch of delta points which I can use to fill in a few blanks on the trip (I need to get to SFO and back since I didn’t want to fly a segment on WestJet).  I had about 20,000 miles sitting with delta, which really isn’t enough to do a whole lot with… this way I’ll have some room to play with 🙂

The trick to this deal was either flying to Germany or having at least one segment start or stop in Istanbul.  The IST version is a bit more flexible because you can fly into another city (such as Stockholm) and then you only need to figure out a one way trip, instead of getting from Germany to wherever you really wanted to go and back again.  Now since I don’t have an urge to spend another $100 on an entry visa for Turkey, my plan is to use the airport just to transit.  I can arrive late the night before and use the lounge until my flight departs at 6am the next day.  This is why I decided to fly out of IST, because all the incoming flights would have meant overnighting in IST without lounge access.

Bottom line, I’m off to Europe in October!  In business class!


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