Heading home. Maybe.

I showed up at the Santa Rosa airport (STS) around 5:30 for my 6:30 flight because I had luggage to check and a car to return.  Walking into the airport I went over to check my bags and quickly found out that our flight was delayed due to a mechanical issue on the inbound flight … Continue reading Heading home. Maybe.

When in Rome… Errrr California 

One of my favourite things to do in California is to go wine tasting.  There is definitely not A lack of places to choose from in the Bay Area. Sunday I headed over to two wineries near Cupertino: Cooper Garrod and Picchetti Winery.  Both are set in the Santa Cruz mountains just a short drive … Continue reading When in Rome… Errrr California 

Anything that goes as planned is boring.

First adventure of the blog! We are a starting out small for this one... A quick trip down to California for the long weekend. Hmmmm should be a nice easy trip... Things started out alright: minimal long weekend traffic, no line at the border (yay nexus, although the regular line was only 20 min), quick … Continue reading Anything that goes as planned is boring.