Heading home. Maybe.

I showed up at the Santa Rosa airport (STS) around 5:30 for my 6:30 flight because I had luggage to check and a car to return.  Walking into the airport I went over to check my bags and quickly found out that our flight was delayed due to a mechanical issue on the inbound flight and it was likely that I would miss my connection.  While I love flying, it seems that whenever I fly domestically, I always experience delays.

I really appreciate that the staff was trying to be proactive and rebook people, trying their best to get people home, but if I missed my flight, the best option would be to overnight in Portland and then fly PDX-SEA-BLI the next morning, arrive about 12 hours after my original scheduled time.  I resigned myself to this fact and checked my bag, expecting that I’d be sleeping in a hotel instead of my own bed that night.

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When in Rome… Errrr California 

One of my favourite things to do in California is to go wine tasting.  There is definitely not A lack of places to choose from in the Bay Area.

Sunday I headed over to two wineries near Cupertino: Cooper Garrod and Picchetti Winery.  Both are set in the Santa Cruz mountains just a short drive from the city.

Cooper Garrod has a neat tasting room in one of the old buildings on the property and plenty of room for a picnic or just space to enjoy a glass or two of wine outside.  Tastings are $10 for a flight, with complementary tastings for members. Being a member means we got to try quite a few of the wines as well as a very nice 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon… Mmmmmm so yummy!  They have some unique blends of wine and their “test pilot” wine is a very nice red blend, would definitely recommend it as a good place to stop.

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Anything that goes as planned is boring.

First adventure of the blog!

We are a starting out small for this one… A quick trip down to California for the long weekend. Hmmmm should be a nice easy trip…

Things started out alright: minimal long weekend traffic, no line at the border (yay nexus, although the regular line was only 20 min), quick trip to Bellingham…. Only to find out my first flight was delayed, making it basically impossible to make the earlier flight to SFO as I had planned (the connection was too tight to make an official booking, but I was hoping I’d make it). It was okay as I had been upgraded on the flight down to San Fran. I killed some time in Bellingham before heading to the airport.

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Welcome to my travels!!


Thanks for checking out my blog!! This is a tale of my travel adventures (or misadventures) as I feed my travel addiction wandering around the globe! It will mostly be reviews of flights, hotels, restaurants, travel trends, musings on potential trips, and occasionally I’ll probably throw in something I did from before I started this blog.

Questions and suggestions welcome… Enjoy!!!