Big News and other things…

If you haven't seen the news on any other of my social media outlets, I have finally gotten around to acquiring my own domain!  Go me! Since I will have to spend a bit of time focusing on the new site, there won't be too much here for a while.  As soon as my new … Continue reading Big News and other things…


Japan bound! Or so we hoped…

September 2017 As I mentioned previous (in this post) my grandmother and I had booked our flights over on EVA airways, Vancouver-Taipei-Fukuoka.  Our departure date quickly approached and we were soon ready to start our trip. I had convinced my grandmother that we would only be taking carry-on this trip.  She didn’t have a proper … Continue reading Japan bound! Or so we hoped…

Checking off South America: Bogotá, Colombia – Part 2

August 2017 Usaquén I managed to negotiate the Uber ride to the hotel.  Most of the uber drivers in Bogotá don't speak much English, so it was a broken mix of Spanglish, but it worked. I originally found this hotel by searching for eco friendly hotels in Bogotá. Although it was in a bit of … Continue reading Checking off South America: Bogotá, Colombia – Part 2

Heading South to… America? South America that is – Part 2

August 2017 Continuing on my journey to South America... I had just left the lounge I believe. The reason I was sitting in the international terminal was that the inbound flight was actually from Australia.  This meant the flight would have an international configuration! woohoo!  Business class with lie flat seats FTW!  I made my … Continue reading Heading South to… America? South America that is – Part 2

Back to North America: NYC edition

Maybe Liechtenstein - Part 6 (March 2017) Before leaving Switzerland, we spent a night out by the airport as we both had morning flights the next day.  We arrived at the Radisson Blu hotel and checked in for our last night in Switzerland.  I was looking forward to the stay as they have a huge … Continue reading Back to North America: NYC edition

Maybe Liechtenstein

Maybe Liechtenstein - Part 5 (February 2017) If you've noticed, this trip was dubbed "Maybe Liechtenstein" (you can search the #maybeliechtenstein hashtag on Instagram to see more fun photos) because we were never really quite sure if we'd make it to the small land locked country.  But we packed up and left our Airbnb in … Continue reading Maybe Liechtenstein

Japan Preview (in photos)

If you've been following along on my Instagram or Facebook page, you know I've been running around Asia for the last two weeks.  I haven't had much time to update my blog, but I'll be getting back to that soon (once I recover from my jet-lag).  In the meantime, I though I'd share a few … Continue reading Japan Preview (in photos)