I cancelled my ticket home.

Yes, I cancelled my ticket back to Vancouver at the end of this month 😮  But don’t worry, I have a plan!  I’m actually going to hang out in Sydney for a few weeks and work out of my company’s office there.  It’s a good chance to get to spend time in Australia, since I did fly all the way here 🙂  I will now be flying back on September 8th, perhaps direct, they’re still trying to confirm my ticket.

I’m sure I’ll be planning a few weekend trips, so be sure to keep an eye on my blog!  I’m also in the process of catching up on all my crazy adventures (including both scuba diving and skydiving!) and hope to be posting them soon!  It’s been a bit hard without any proper computer access, but I think my post for Singapore is almost complete.

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It’s almost here! RTW 2016!

I can check in to my Emirates flight in just over 2 hours!  Emirates check in is 48 hours in advance instead of the usual 24 (Although I think Cathay Pacific might be 72?)  I always get that rush when I can finally check in for a flight.  It means that it’s finally real and I’m one step closer to getting on that plane 🙂


I have to get down to LAX first on Alaska (via SEA), but I can’t check in for those flights until tomorrow morning.  It’s going to be a long layover in LAX, but I planned it that way so I would have time to enjoy a lounge or two 🙂 Emirates just opened their new lounge in LAX last year, so I’m excited to give it a try. Continue reading

Airline + Sale = new trip!

Okay, so I might have done a bit of a bad thing. I bought another airline ticket.  I know this doesn’t seem bad, and it was a really good deal, so I should have just gone for it, right?  Well I did.

If you’re thinking of heading over to Europe in the fall, there are some great business class deals!  Most of them seem to be on KLM/Delta/Air France and are about $1500-$1700 CAD round trip, which is an AMAZING deal for business class.  It usually costs just that much to do a last minute upgrade both ways.  So I’m heading to Stockholm to see my friend’s new house! and perhaps meet up with some other peeps along the way.

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I think I was a travel agent in another life…

When I’m not travelling (yes, it does happen occasionally), I’m usually planning my next trip, which includes scouring the internet for deals, looking at award space on airlines, and generally just keeping my eyes open.

My upcoming trip in July was pretty much an accident… a happy, once-in-a-lifetime type accident that kind of fell into my lap.  This trip involves 4 airlines, 8 countries, 12 cities, and 75 hours of flying (as of right now anyways).


rtw trip1

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Welcome to my travels!!


Thanks for checking out my blog!! This is a tale of my travel adventures (or misadventures) as I feed my travel addiction wandering around the globe! It will mostly be reviews of flights, hotels, restaurants, travel trends, musings on potential trips, and occasionally I’ll probably throw in something I did from before I started this blog.

Questions and suggestions welcome… Enjoy!!!