I’m still here…


It’s been a busy few months, and I really have to catch up on editing and posting all my blog posts, but I thought I’d do a quick summary of what’s coming 🙂

Firstly, I’m going to finish off my Swedish adventure with my long trip home (trust me, it was a journey!)  and then the next big trip will be my travels in February!  I was barely home for a month, jumping around between Utah, California, and over to Paris, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein!

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1 day, 4 parks: A Disney World Adventure

Since we were in Florida I suggested we go to Disney World for the day.  My friend agreed without truly realizing what she was in for 😉 Having gotten about 4 hours of sleep the night before, we didn’t get the quickest start to the day… which was also compounded by our Uber driving dropping us off at the wrong park 😦  But eventually we made our way over to the Animal Kingdom, had our park-hopper tickets in hand, and were off and running (literally) to our first fastpass+!img_3050

Disney World tickets come with the fastpass+ option which lets you pick up to 3 rides to use your fastpass at one park up to a month before you get there.  We had booked in the Safari and the River Rapid rides at Animal Kingdom as well as myself on the roller coaster (my friend is not a fan).  Continue reading

Don’t judge a book by its cover: Red Lion Orlando Hotel

My friend and I had decided on squeezing in a full day at Disney World, which meant we ended up crashing at a hotel close to the resort in order to make the most of the day.  Most professional organizations have discount travel programs (mine does), so I checked through the discount travel site to see what I could find and got a fantastic deal on the new Red Lion hotel in Orlando/Kissimmee, right outside the main entrance to Disney World… and they had a shuttle to and from the resort!  All in all it ended up costing about $70 US for the night, while the price of the room on most regular travel sites was about $200+!

I had done a bit of research into the hotel and it had been recently bought and updated by Red Lion and reviews generally looked okay so I wasn’t particularly worried.  Also, we were driving up from West Palm Beach that evening so we weren’t going to be spending a whole lot of time there anyways, so as long as it was clean it would be okay. Continue reading