Weekend in Lillehammer

So back in June I ended up taking a work trip to Oslo, and since I'd already made it all the way over to Europe, I thought I would stick around for the weekend.  I wasn't quite sure was I was going to to, but my original plan was to hop on a cheap flight … Continue reading Weekend in Lillehammer

Checking off South America: Bogotá, Colombia – Part 1

August 2017 Downtown and La Candelaria  The most common response I got when I mentioned I was travelling to Colombia by myself was, "Is that safe?"  Let's just stop that right there.  Yes, it's safe.  While there are definitely more pickpocket incidents and a few muggings at night, if you're smart and travel safe, you won't … Continue reading Checking off South America: Bogotá, Colombia – Part 1

Maybe Liechtenstein

Maybe Liechtenstein - Part 5 (February 2017) If you've noticed, this trip was dubbed "Maybe Liechtenstein" (you can search the #maybeliechtenstein hashtag on Instagram to see more fun photos) because we were never really quite sure if we'd make it to the small land locked country.  But we packed up and left our Airbnb in … Continue reading Maybe Liechtenstein

Japan Preview (in photos)

If you've been following along on my Instagram or Facebook page, you know I've been running around Asia for the last two weeks.  I haven't had much time to update my blog, but I'll be getting back to that soon (once I recover from my jet-lag).  In the meantime, I though I'd share a few … Continue reading Japan Preview (in photos)

Lucerne Day Trip

Maybe Liechtenstein - Part 4 (February 2017) I love taking trains!  Maybe not as much as Sheldon (BBT reference), but I still think it's such a fun way to travel.  Luckily Switzerland seems to share my option.  The train system in the country is fantastic!  After deciding to take a last minute day trip to … Continue reading Lucerne Day Trip


Maybe Liechtenstein - Part 3 (February 2017) I left Paris and hopped on my Air France flight to Zurich (still a part of my points ticket) and I got a chance to visit the Air France lounge for Schengen flights.  Unfortunately it was far away from my gate since the one closest to my gate … Continue reading Zurich

A Canadian in Paris

Maybe Liechenstein - Part 2 (February 2017) As I mentioned previously, I've been to Paris many times, but it had been a while since I spent more than a day there.  I ended up having the equivalent of three full days there (midday Monday to midday on Thursday) and I tried to fit in as … Continue reading A Canadian in Paris