Weekend in Lillehammer

So back in June I ended up taking a work trip to Oslo, and since I'd already made it all the way over to Europe, I thought I would stick around for the weekend.  I wasn't quite sure was I was going to to, but my original plan was to hop on a cheap flight … Continue reading Weekend in Lillehammer

Long time, no see…

Hello internet world!  I’m back! So it’s been a while since I wrote on here.  I did try to make my own site, but I don’t really have the time to commit full time, so it’s back to this little corner of the interweb. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy though.  It’s been a bit of […]

Flashback Friday: Oahu, HI

So I've been to two islands in Hawai'i: Maui and Oahu. Of the two I'd say I prefer Maui, but it's been a while since I've been there (guess I have to go back soon!), so I will share my tips for Oahu instead. I've actually been to Oahu twice fairly recently (this decade), once … Continue reading Flashback Friday: Oahu, HI

Japan bound! Or so we hoped…

September 2017 As I mentioned previous (in this post) my grandmother and I had booked our flights over on EVA airways, Vancouver-Taipei-Fukuoka.  Our departure date quickly approached and we were soon ready to start our trip. I had convinced my grandmother that we would only be taking carry-on this trip.  She didn’t have a proper … Continue reading Japan bound! Or so we hoped…

How I planned our trip to Japan.

Most of the time I travel I like to just wing it.  I have some vague plans, maybe a place to stay even, but 95% of the time I’m booking things a week, if not a day or two, ahead of time.  It’s very difficult to do that if a) you’re travelling with someone else … Continue reading How I planned our trip to Japan.

Checking off South America: Bogotá, Colombia – Part 2

August 2017 Usaquén I managed to negotiate the Uber ride to the hotel.  Most of the uber drivers in Bogotá don't speak much English, so it was a broken mix of Spanglish, but it worked. I originally found this hotel by searching for eco friendly hotels in Bogotá. Although it was in a bit of … Continue reading Checking off South America: Bogotá, Colombia – Part 2

Checking off South America: Bogotá, Colombia – Part 1

August 2017 Downtown and La Candelaria  The most common response I got when I mentioned I was travelling to Colombia by myself was, "Is that safe?"  Let's just stop that right there.  Yes, it's safe.  While there are definitely more pickpocket incidents and a few muggings at night, if you're smart and travel safe, you won't … Continue reading Checking off South America: Bogotá, Colombia – Part 1