First time on Cathay Pacific: KUL-HKG-SYD

I arrived at KLIA 1 and made my way up to the departure levels.  I found the airport was a bit confusing, with not a great deal of signage.  I didn’t have any luggage to check so I didn’t bother trying to find the check in counter and instead wandered around until I saw a sign that said “International Gates.” Heading down the escalator, I found the passport control at the bottom and was quickly through to the terminal area.

I had booked a ticket in Premium Economy, not looking forward to the long overnight flight being in a tiny seat, but had been notified a few weeks before I left that there had been an aircraft change from KUL to HKG and I had been bumped to business class… Score! This meant I had Lounge access for my trip, which is always a plus! At KUL this got me access to both Malaysian Airlines Golden Lounge, and the Cathay Pacific Lounge.  I found the Golden Lounge just past security and went up the escalator to the entrance.  The lounge staff suggested I should try the satellite lounge since that is where my flight was departing from.  I had a few hours before my flight, and I would have liked to check out both lounges, but didn’t feel like arguing and head off towards the satellite terminal.

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More blogs on Vegan Travel

In addition to keeping up with my blog here (really, there are more posts coming soon), I’ve also been blogging over at a site called Vegan Travel. It’s a great community of like minded, wanderlust driven, compassionate people. Most of the site focuses on sharing travel tips with a vegan slant, hoping to make things easier for the next traveler in the area.


I’ve got a few blog posts up on the site already, mostly focused on the food I’ve had while travelling on my recent trip.  Here is what’s been published so far.

And my general info page here!

If you want a slightly different take on my travels, please check out the blogs, and the rest of the site for that matter.  And keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts about my trip to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef!

Just keep swimming 🙂

North to Kuala Lumpur

So after spending a few days in Singapore I had about 5 days to make it up to Kuala Lumpur for my flight to Sydney.  My original plan was to take the overnight train from Singapore to KL, but it turns out they had stopped the direct service about a month before my trip 😦

I had heard about Melaka (Malacca), a small town on the coast about half way between the two cities.  It is a UNESCO world heritage city due to the history of the town; it has changed hands multiple times due to the strategic location on the coast.  The town itself is quite small, but it seemed like a great place to spend a night and break up the trip a bit.

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Update from Sydney

So I’m settled in Sydney, but have had a hard time trying to carve out time to share updates on my trip.  There’s just too much to do here! Plus I’ve been putting in some long days at work, so I’m pretty beat when I get home.

I’ve still got updates coming for Malaysia, the Great Barrier Reef, and New Zealand, in addition to what I’ve seen around here, plus all the flights! Since leaving Malaysia I’ve flown Cathay Pacific, Qantas (a few times), Jet Star, Air New Zealand, and LATAM (formerly Lan).

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