Maybe Liechtenstein

Maybe Liechtenstein - Part 5 (February 2017) If you've noticed, this trip was dubbed "Maybe Liechtenstein" (you can search the #maybeliechtenstein hashtag on Instagram to see more fun photos) because we were never really quite sure if we'd make it to the small land locked country.  But we packed up and left our Airbnb in … Continue reading Maybe Liechtenstein

Six weeks in Sydney

After arriving in Sydney, I started to get settled for my time there.  Most of the weekdays were spent at the office, so I won't bore you with those details, but I did manage to get up to some adventures on the weekend. Hiking in the Blue Mountains The Blue Mountains lie to the west … Continue reading Six weeks in Sydney

Journey to Middle Earth

Cairns Airport is fairly small, so there wasn't a lot to do while waiting to start my trip to Auckland.  I had checked my bag and waited uneventfully in the terminal to board my first flight to Melbourne.  I had fretted over my seat assignment, as I wanted a good view as we left Cairns, … Continue reading Journey to Middle Earth

When in Rome… Errrr California 

One of my favourite things to do in California is to go wine tasting.  There is definitely not A lack of places to choose from in the Bay Area. Sunday I headed over to two wineries near Cupertino: Cooper Garrod and Picchetti Winery.  Both are set in the Santa Cruz mountains just a short drive … Continue reading When in Rome… Errrr California