Flashback Friday: Oahu, HI

So I've been to two islands in Hawai'i: Maui and Oahu. Of the two I'd say I prefer Maui, but it's been a while since I've been there (guess I have to go back soon!), so I will share my tips for Oahu instead. I've actually been to Oahu twice fairly recently (this decade), once … Continue reading Flashback Friday: Oahu, HI

Flashback Friday: First Trip to the UAE

November 2015 Warning to my friends: if you move somewhere, I will come visit you.  This is not an empty threat.  Some friends who had relocated to Dubai found this out first hand 🙂 After a late arrival (or early morning depending how you look at it) my friends picked me up at the airport … Continue reading Flashback Friday: First Trip to the UAE

Flashback Friday: Reykjavik

November 2014 One of the biggest tourist booms in the last few years has happened in Iceland.  No doubt thanks to the free stopover (via Icelandair) and the new discount airlines (like WOW air), almost everyone I talk to is planning, or has just gotten back from Iceland. I first went to Iceland in 2014, … Continue reading Flashback Friday: Reykjavik

Flashback Friday: It’s Istanbul, not Constantinople

Istanbul - November 2015 Continuing on from Rome, I was off on another airplane.  After an amazing, albeit short, flight on Turkish Airways, I arrived in Istanbul. Istanbul has always seemed like such an impossible place to go. I’m not sure why it’s seemed so much further away than the rest of Europe, but it … Continue reading Flashback Friday: It’s Istanbul, not Constantinople

Flashback Friday: A Roman Layover

Off to Rome - November 2015 After a lot of last minute switching, my trip to Europe ended up having a 23 hours in Rome.  So after a stressful day and night, I got up early to head to YVR to catch a quick shuttle flight to SeaTac in a little prop plane (Dash 8). … Continue reading Flashback Friday: A Roman Layover

Flashback Friday: Panama

So I've decided to start a series chronicling some of my trips prior to starting this blog.  They won't be nearly as detailed as my newer posts, but hopefully will be just as enjoyable.  They will be in no particular order and will be posted on (you guessed it) Fridays!  I make no promises that … Continue reading Flashback Friday: Panama