Homeless for 2 months…

As I sit here in the final stages of cleaning my apartment, I’m realizing it really hasn’t looked this good since I moved in.  But why am I cleaning it?  Because I’m subletting my apartment to help fund my travels for the next two months.

After looking at my Calendar for September and October, I realized I’d be lucky to hit double digits of days I’m actually in Vancouver.  Since it kinda bothered me that my place would just be sitting empty most of the time, I decided to embrace the nomad lifestyle and put everything in storage (aka other people’s houses) and see what I could accomplish in two months. Continue reading


5 Tips for Maximizing Your Points

I get asked often how I travel so much, but really there’s no simple answer to that.  It’s a combination of many things: keeping an eye on flight deals, searching message boards, taking crazy routings, and last but certainly not least, using points.  Points tickets have allowed me to make some spectacular trips, but I do spend a great deal of time trying to optimize them.

For many years I was a loyal Aeroplan customer, part of the Star Alliance network.  However, after continued devaluations of the program, and the fact that United was the partner in the US, I made the jump over to Alaska Airline’s Mileage Program.  Although the program is not part of an alliance, they have many great partners you can redeem on.  I feel that this program is the best for me in terms of point redemption opportunities, but everyone is different. Continue reading

I’m still here…


It’s been a busy few months, and I really have to catch up on editing and posting all my blog posts, but I thought I’d do a quick summary of what’s coming 🙂

Firstly, I’m going to finish off my Swedish adventure with my long trip home (trust me, it was a journey!)  and then the next big trip will be my travels in February!  I was barely home for a month, jumping around between Utah, California, and over to Paris, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein!

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Where did all this “busy” come from?

If you can’t tell from the title, I’ve been a bit swamped recently.  A lot of it has been work related, but I haven’t gotten much down time either.  Between a quick wine pick up trip to Seattle, puppy-sitting my bestest puppy, taking part in “bike to work week,” and generally trying to catch up on life, I’ve had limited time to put all my recent trips to paper (not sure I can really say paper… keyboard?)… and I’m still trying to catch up from August 😮

I have been putting up a few things on Vegan Travel as I go… you can check out my blogger page here: https://www.vegantravel.com/vegan-travelers/vegan-traveler-blog-jenn/

I am hoping to make some serious progress this weekend, and maybe get a post up this week, but I’m making no promises. I though I would share a few pictures from my recent trips to tide you over.  Enjoy!

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No tripod? No problem!

I’m not a big user of Kickstarter, but every once in a while something comes up that really gets me excited!  This time it’s the Podo!  A stick and shoot camera.


Being a solo traveler, I often find myself taking awkward selfies or having to track down a stranger to take a picture for me.  This seems like it will solve it all!  This is also their second version of this camera so they’ve been through the crowdfunding process before (with good results).  I’m really excited about it, and you can get yours too!

Just visit the kickstarter page and order one before the pledges hits $600k and you’ll get it before Christmas! Plus a bunch of other goodies.  I can’t wait to get mine 🙂


Packing up

Today is my last free day in Australia before I head home.  It’s been a long time away; 2 months to the day when I step off the plane in YVR.  There have been some ups and downs along the way, and changing gears half way through was a bit of a challenge.  But now I’m starting to pack up to head back and I know I’m going to miss parts of it.

The last few weeks in Australia has been different and interesting, and although I didn’t get to explore as much of it as I’d like, I definitely got to check a few things off the bucket list.  And I know I want to come back 🙂  And I got to make a lot of contacts here in the office, which is always good to have.

I’ll be posting about the trip in more details in the weeks to come, but I’ve tried to strike a balance of going and exploring as much as I can, but not burning out between the long work weeks.  I’ve explored a lot more of the area around Sydney than I would have on a typical vacation, which has been nice and given me a bit of a different view on the city. Continue reading

More blogs on Vegan Travel

In addition to keeping up with my blog here (really, there are more posts coming soon), I’ve also been blogging over at a site called Vegan Travel. It’s a great community of like minded, wanderlust driven, compassionate people. Most of the site focuses on sharing travel tips with a vegan slant, hoping to make things easier for the next traveler in the area.


I’ve got a few blog posts up on the site already, mostly focused on the food I’ve had while travelling on my recent trip.  Here is what’s been published so far.

And my general info page here!

If you want a slightly different take on my travels, please check out the blogs, and the rest of the site for that matter.  And keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts about my trip to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef!

Just keep swimming 🙂

Update from Sydney

So I’m settled in Sydney, but have had a hard time trying to carve out time to share updates on my trip.  There’s just too much to do here! Plus I’ve been putting in some long days at work, so I’m pretty beat when I get home.

I’ve still got updates coming for Malaysia, the Great Barrier Reef, and New Zealand, in addition to what I’ve seen around here, plus all the flights! Since leaving Malaysia I’ve flown Cathay Pacific, Qantas (a few times), Jet Star, Air New Zealand, and LATAM (formerly Lan).

Currently settled into an apartment in town, north of the city centre and about 15 min on the train to the office here.  But I’m hardly ever there since there’s quite a bit to see around town. And I’ve barely scratched the surface! Continue reading


Woke up this morning to the news out of Nice, France… Yet another tragic event in the world. Luckily everyone I know is safe, but that’s not the case for many others.

As terrible events seem to become more frequent, there are many different reactions people have: anger, fear, confusion, worry.  But on the other hand, the world comes together, neighbour helps neighbour, and compassion and kindness also come to the forefront.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ -Mr Rogers

I think it is the second set of emotions we should focus on.  The world can be a big scary place, but that doesn’t mean you should live in fear and shut yourself away.   If anything, I think it demonstrates the need people have to get out and experience all the good things our world has to offer.

Events like these only strengthen my resolve to not let fear and doubt get the better of me.   I love to travel and think that it’s one of the best ways to understand the world.  The more you can experience and understand, the more compassion you can have for others.  The world is full of amazing places and people and I’d hate to miss out on any of that because of the chance something might happen; you only get one shot at this life, so you’ve got to make the most of it. There is so much to be seen and to deny yourself of that would be to give in to the chaos that others are trying to create.

I’m off to Kuala Lumpur today, but Nice will be in my thoughts.