Six weeks in Sydney

After arriving in Sydney, I started to get settled for my time there.  Most of the weekdays were spent at the office, so I won't bore you with those details, but I did manage to get up to some adventures on the weekend. Hiking in the Blue Mountains The Blue Mountains lie to the west … Continue reading Six weeks in Sydney


New Zealand to Australia on a South American Airline.

I arrived back in Auckland mid-day and was once again greeted by my friends parents at the airport and went back out to the Beachlands.  After a quick visit, some puppy cuddles, and dropping my bags, I was back on the ferry to head into the city.  I did some more general site seeing, got … Continue reading New Zealand to Australia on a South American Airline.

New Zealand… South.

So after my short stop in Auckland it was off to Queenstown!  I actually booked these flights only a few days before since I wasn't sure what the plan would be until I met up with my company peeps in Sydney.  There wasn't a whole lot of price variation, so I booked a Jetstar flight … Continue reading New Zealand… South.

Journey to Middle Earth

Cairns Airport is fairly small, so there wasn't a lot to do while waiting to start my trip to Auckland.  I had checked my bag and waited uneventfully in the terminal to board my first flight to Melbourne.  I had fretted over my seat assignment, as I wanted a good view as we left Cairns, … Continue reading Journey to Middle Earth

The Great Barrier Reef aka Found Nemo!

I know it's been a while...So I'm going to skip over the two days I spend in Sydney and jump up to my trip to the Great Barrier Reef! I had gotten a late night flight up to Cairns (pronounced CAHNS or something like that... I still don't have it right) Thursday on Qantas and … Continue reading The Great Barrier Reef aka Found Nemo!