Maybe Liechtenstein

Maybe Liechtenstein – Part 5 (February 2017)

If you’ve noticed, this trip was dubbed “Maybe Liechtenstein” (you can search the #maybeliechtenstein hashtag on Instagram to see more fun photos) because we were never really quite sure if we’d make it to the small land locked country.  But we packed up and left our Airbnb in Zurich and once again hopped on the train.  We started with a train ride through Switzerland to Sargens, the main stop closest to the border.  Once you get to this station, you can either take a bus directly to Vaduz, the capital, or take a local train one stop north and then a short bus ride across to the city.  We opted for the bus since we had to transfer to a second bus in order to make it to our hotel, Hotel Kulm, located in the mountains just above the city.

train to liechtenstein
Views from the train on the way to Sargens

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Skiing in Utah

So February was a lot of travel all back to back (I was gone for almost an entire month).  It started with skiing in Utah for the Family Day long weekend in February. By the time I got around to booking my ticket, there weren’t a lot of options left, so I decided to use up my delta gift certificate that I had and get a direct flight in Business Class from YVR to SLC.  The price difference actually wasn’t that big and it included 2 free bags(which I would have had to pay for,) so it was a good deal… and the early morning flight made the comfy seats very appealing 😉 Continue reading

New Zealand… South.

So after my short stop in Auckland it was off to Queenstown!  I actually booked these flights only a few days before since I wasn’t sure what the plan would be until I met up with my company peeps in Sydney.  There wasn’t a whole lot of price variation, so I booked a Jetstar flight on the way down and Air New Zealand on the way back to Auckland.

I would compare my experience with Jetstar to be similar to my flights with Easyjet.  I had to pay extra for a checked bag (since I had so much in my little carry-on it didn’t meet weight restrictions they have in New Zealand and Australia) and a seat, so I chose to buy the “Starter Plus” package which included the checked bag, seat selection, $10 in flight voucher, Qantas points, and no change fees for date, time, and name up to check in.  While those last two weren’t particularly great, I still used the first three!

After a long ride to the airport, I checked in for my morning flight without any major problems and went through security… WITH MY COFFEE!!!!  I was convinced I would have to throw it out, but I guess domestic flights in NZ aren’t that picky!  Hooray!!  I didn’t have all that much time before the flight so I just went to sit at the gate and wait for boarding.

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