Stockholm for a Whole Week!

So I’ve got another crazy trip coming up! If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you would not find this shocking. The surprising part is that I’m actually spending a whole 6 days in Stockholm! The crazy part is just they way I get there. I never spend that much time in one place, so it should be fun! I’m going to visit a friend who just bought a house there (although I really don’t need a reason to visit) and I managed to get a fantastic deal on airfare!

It’s a bit convoluted…My routing is as follows:

  • YVR-SEA-SFO on Alaska
  • ARN-IST on Atlas Global
  • IST-CDG on Air France
  • CDG-SEA-SFO on Delta
  • SFO-SEA-YVR on Alaska


I bought the SFO-ARN//IST-SFO as part of the crazy business class sale to Europe a few months ago… just over $1k for the whole thing! Usually about the price of a good ole regular economy ticket 😮 The two Alaska flights between YVR and SFO are separate, but I think it worked out to just under $200 for those, and I’ve already been upgraded on the way back because I’m an elite! And then I just recently finished it off by buying the ARN-IST leg on Atlas Global for a low low $55 😮 I’m excited to try out a new airline. They are a discount airline from Turkey, but offer free bags, seating, and food! The only downside is that I’ll be spending the night in the Ataturk Airport… but thankfully in the lounge!

I know this itinerary seems crazy to a lot of people, but I really like to fly, especially in Business Class, and can’t pass up crazy good deals, especially on airfare! And of course, only bringing a carry-on… should be easy on a trip this short 🙂



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