3 ticket, 6 fights, and 56 hours…

In order to get a good deal on tickets, I’m willing to fly a bit out of the way; okay a lot out of the way.  My flight home from Sweden was not only long, but ended up being longer than anticipated.

The journey started out decently.  I found a cheap flight to Istanbul on AtlasGlobal which arrived late on the Saturday night, with plenty of time to make my connection.  Since these were two separate tickets I wanted to allow for a lot of time in case something went wrong; luckily, it didn’t.  AtlasGlobal is a discount carrier based in Turkey, but they are much better than any other “discount” airline I’ve flown, such as EasyJet or Ryan Air.  The flight from Stockholm to Istanbul was on time, and fairly pleasant.  With free food, free drinks, and a row to myself, it was a lot better than many flights in North America.  I will say that someone was allowing their children to run up and down the aisle, jumping on seats.  Some people just have no clue.  I was close to saying something, but then the drink cart came by and blocked them in the back of the plane for a while… and the wine also helped. Continue reading


Anything that goes as planned is boring.

First adventure of the blog!

We are a starting out small for this one… A quick trip down to California for the long weekend. Hmmmm should be a nice easy trip…

Things started out alright: minimal long weekend traffic, no line at the border (yay nexus, although the regular line was only 20 min), quick trip to Bellingham…. Only to find out my first flight was delayed, making it basically impossible to make the earlier flight to SFO as I had planned (the connection was too tight to make an official booking, but I was hoping I’d make it). It was okay as I had been upgraded on the flight down to San Fran. I killed some time in Bellingham before heading to the airport.

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