Happy 2018! Back to the blog…

So I’ve been absent for the last little while, mostly because I’ve been having way too many adventures!  I’ve been posting on my Instagram account but in case you don’t follow along, I have lots of adventures to share over the next few weeks!  

Some of these include: Buenos Aires, Bogota, Cape Town, Patagonia, Paris (again 😉), Copenhagen, Iceland, and Antarctica!  I’ll be sharing some of the adventures, good and bad, I’ve had along the way, and how I got there.  

I’ll leave you with my “best nine” from 2017 as just a taste of what is to come 🙂

From top left: Whistler, Key West, Perito Moreno Glacier, Antarctica, Reykjavik, Dubai, Torres del Paine, Torres de Paine, Antarctica