Flashback Friday: First Trip to the UAE

November 2015

Warning to my friends: if you move somewhere, I will come visit you.  This is not an empty threat.  Some friends who had relocated to Dubai found this out first hand 🙂

After a late arrival (or early morning depending how you look at it) my friends picked me up at the airport and I promptly crashed for a few hours to catch up on sleep.  After waking up and reorienting myself, it was off to explore Dubai Marina (the area where my friends lived)! This, of course, included a stop at Starbucks. Continue reading


Short stay in Dubai… With an option on heat stoke.

Next time I decide it’s a good idea to go somewhere in the desert in the middle of summer, somebody stop me! Not to say that it’s not a nice place to visit, it’s just that Dubai gets very hot in the middle of the day. Actually that’s an understatement… It feels like you’re one of those ants the mean kids would point magnifying glasses at.

But back to the beginning. I arrived in Dubai and got a car from the airport to my hotel, the Doubletree By Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach.  The hotel is pretty much at the other end of the city from the airport by the Dubai Marina, just past the Palm.  But it was also a great use of my Hilton points! Rooms were over 1200 AED a night (about 1500 AED full price), but only 40,000 points.  And since I am a Gold member, that includes breakfast! After a little over half an hour we pulled up to the hotel and I thanked my driver, and went to check in.  I’d gotten a few emails from the hotel prior to my stay, so they knew approximately when I’d be arriving.  Check in was fairly smooth, and I think there was a new guy working the desk (other staff seemed to give him a bit of direction when he got stuck a few times) but it didn’t take that much longer than I was expecting.  They also brought me an iced tea welcome drink to enjoy. I had tried to check in on the app prior to arriving, but it wasn’t working quite right, so I was surprised when instead of room 505 they checked me in to room 1003.  Not that I thought it would make much of a difference, but alright.  I was escorted to my room by the night manager (which I thought was a bit odd… But we’ll find out why later) and was given a tour of “the smallest room in the hotel” which included a living room, bed room, 2 bathrooms, and a balcony. Continue reading