Homeless for 2 months…

As I sit here in the final stages of cleaning my apartment, I’m realizing it really hasn’t looked this good since I moved in.  But why am I cleaning it?  Because I’m subletting my apartment to help fund my travels for the next two months.

After looking at my Calendar for September and October, I realized I’d be lucky to hit double digits of days I’m actually in Vancouver.  Since it kinda bothered me that my place would just be sitting empty most of the time, I decided to embrace the nomad lifestyle and put everything in storage (aka other people’s houses) and see what I could accomplish in two months.

First off, I have realized that I have a lot of stuff… and I mean, A LOT.  While I’m leaving most things behind, like books, photos, and a fair amount of “work” clothes, I still managed to move about 3 car fulls of stuff out of my apartment.  Oh, and did I mention I also have a small storage unit in the building?  So yeah, lots of stuff.

Secondly, I’m really interested to see how it will feel to be “homeless.”  I’ll be staying with family when I’m in town, but I love travelling, so wandering the globe for two months will be a fun challenge.

Lastly, I’m interesting to see how the finances work when you live a nomadic lifestyle.  I pay quite a bit in rent, so if it ends out making sense financially, who knows!  Maybe my next move will be giving up a permanent address.

But for now it’s back to the cleaning… and finishing my open bottle of wine 🙂

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