Skiing in Utah

So February was a lot of travel all back to back (I was gone for almost an entire month).  It started with skiing in Utah for the Family Day long weekend in February. By the time I got around to booking my ticket, there weren’t a lot of options left, so I decided to use up my delta gift certificate that I had and get a direct flight in Business Class from YVR to SLC.  The price difference actually wasn’t that big and it included 2 free bags(which I would have had to pay for,) so it was a good deal… and the early morning flight made the comfy seats very appealing 😉

Leaving snowy Vancouver behind

This trip was actually organized through one of the meetup groups I’m a member of, so there were 6 of us heading to ski, most of us from around the Vancouver area and one from NYC.  Upon arriving to a surprise heat wave (seriously, I was in a t-shirt), I met up with the girl from New York, who had arrived the previous day, and we spent the day wandering around SLC.  We hit up my favourite pastry shop, Passion Flour Patisserie (100% vegan French pastries!!), did a little thrift and grocery shopping, and then it was time to hit up the Airbnb.  We ended up with a huge house south of the city, close to the mountains, in Sandy, UT.  It was the first time I’d used Airbnb with other people, and besides the lack of a coffee maker (which our hosts quickly remedied) it was a great choice!

Brunch (?) at Passion Flour Patisserie

We spent the next 3 days skiing our asses off (somewhat literally, lol).  Between the 6 of us we skied Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude, Deer Valley, Snowbasin, and Powder Mountain.  The weather was fantastic with fresh snow falling the night we arrived.  We really couldn’t have asked for better weather.

The first day we all head up as a group to Snowbird, most of us hitting Mineral Basin (the back bowl) when it opened.  A few of us skiers hopped over to Alta (skiers only resort!! Yes) for a few runs, as the two resorts are connected.  We were so busy getting all our runs in that I barely had time to take any photos.  We ended the day with a pretty spectacular view of the sunset from our backyard.

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The next day we scattered, with some of us heading up to Park City, and a few of us up to the Ogden area, North of SLC.  I ended up solo at Snowbasin, one of my favourite places to ski in Utah and usually not busy at all.  After a great bluebird day, and a quick stop at Utah’s oldest bar, day two of skiing was in the books.

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For day 3, we regrouped, with most of us heading to Solitude for the day.  I hadn’t skied there before, as it’s smaller compared to most of the other resorts, but it was pretty quiet (the fact that it was Monday might have had something to do with that) and we all got a lot of runs in and ended up heading back to the city to pack up.  Most of the others had a late flight that evening.  I grabbed a hotel (the Radisson at the airport) and had an early, early flight the next day.  I had a bit of time to kill, so I actually ended up getting in a quick hike at Ensign Peak, which is pretty short, but gives you a great view over the city.

Taking a break at Solitude

After returning to my hotel (which I managed to get an upgrade for, just by asking) I repacked all my ski gear and suitcase and had a quiet evening in my room before getting ready for my flight the next day.  The hotel itself is decent.  Not the usual Radisson style, as it’s been renovated from being a different hotel, but the rooms were clean and spacious, and there was a hot tub that I was able to soak in, which was wonderful after 3 days of skiing.  The next morning I was up early and catching the shuttle to the airport to check in for my fight to LAX for the next part of the adventure.

Overlooking Salt Lake City from Ensign Peak





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