A Weekend in Europe

I’ll cover more details of my travels later, but since everyone thinks I was crazy for doing it, I though I would add a blog post about what I did the other weekend.  In Europe.

Yes, it’s been pointed out to me a few times that going all that way for a long weekend is a bit ridiculous; however, I knew it would be later in the year and I wouldn’t have that much vacation time left, so I took a 4 day weekend and ran with it.

Dinner in the UK

Since I was flying on British Airways, I connected through London.  You can have up to 24 hours between flights before they officially become layovers, so I took the opportunity to head into town and visit with some friends in Putney (suburb just south of the river).  Although my trip there was a bit of a disaster (traffic was a nightmare thanks to a broken down bus in the middle of the road) I eventually made it just around dinner time.  We went off to a neighborhood pub for a few drinks and some hummus for me.  One of the things I love about pubs in Europe is that most of them allow dogs!  We met a very friendly Newfie mix while we were there and had a great visit.

A Day in Munich

After a fairly restful sleep it was off to the airport for a quick hop down to Munich.  I arrived a little after noon and hopped on the train to the city.  After checking in, I spent the rest of the day exploring, hitting up a few restaurants (Max Pett and Tushita Teehaus) and walking around the city.  There was so much to see that without even spending a lot of time at each location, I still only saw half of what I wanted to.  I used a Rick Steves audio guide to help me out through the city.  It was my first time using one, and while I stumbled a little bit, it was quite interesting.  You can also tailor it, skipping sites that aren’t high on you list.  I usually take a free walking tour of a new city, but unfortunately I didn’t really have the time this trip.  The audio guide was an excellent alternative. You can download the app on your smartphone for free 🙂

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Daytrip to Salzburg

While anyone would think that a weekend in Munich is not a lot of time, I decided to squeeze even more in and take a daytrip to Salzburg.  When I was looking on the map I was reminded that it’s only about an hour and a half by train to the neighbouring Austrian city, and it would add another country to my list (of course now I want to go back, so I’m not sure how helpful that was.)  I love train travel, so I splurged and got a first class ticket there and back.  Arriving in the city just after 9 am I did a quick auido guide of the old city (again a Rick Steves guide) and then warmed up in a Starbucks for a while.  The old city is neat, but they were getting ready for the Christmas markets so a lot of the statues/fountains were covered up… although they also may have been covered to protect them from the coming snow.  After that I set off on my “Sound of Music” expedition, visiting most of the filming sites that were withing walking distance.  I also took a tour of the rock riding school (Felsenreitschule) where they filmed the final concert of the movie.  They do daily tours at 14:00 and you can only buy tickets right before at 13:45.  It was a great tour, exploring all three of the theaters that the Salzburg Festival uses.  After a few last sites I stopped in at The Heart of Joy Cafe for a warm beverage and some apple cake.  Delicious end to my day in Salzburg.

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Heading home

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to do anything significant the morning before I had to start my long journey home, but it was a great, if short, trip.  I’d love to spend longer in Munich and Salzburg and hope to go back some day.


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