And we are off to the equator…ish.

The next part of my adventure would take me to Singapore. The only time I’ve ever been to Asia before would be in Turkey and the UAE, not what most people think of when you say Asia; usually most people go with either China/Japan or Southeast Asia. This time I’d be smack dab in the middle of Southeast Asia! No doubt about it ūüôā

I arrived at the Emirates terminal (at DXB the terminals are Emirates and everyone else…) and saw signs towards the first/business check in and started walking… And walking… And went through to what seemed to be an entirely separate terminal dedicated for first and business class check in. There were a few desks open so I walked up and asked if I could get a printed version of my boarding pass (I’d managed to check in online earlier that morning). A few seconds later I was handed my boarding pass and directed towards the gates. ¬†After a quick trip through passport control and security it was time to head to the lounge. ¬†My flight was leaving out of B12, which is not the new, super fancy, A380 terminal, so I headed towards the B gates and went to find my lounge. ¬†At the A gates, the first class lounge in the entire terminal with lots of duty free shops. ¬†Terminal B is quite a bit smaller, covering about half of the gates, B13 and higher. ¬†I entered the lounge and walked around for a bit before finding the spa and checking to see if my massage appointment was confirmed. ¬†Turns out they’d booked it for 7 am instead of pm, but the attendant was able to switch it for me to 7pm.
That left me with a bit of time to relax and have a glass of wine.

After the massage (which was fine, but a different style from what one used to) I went to sit in the dining area and have another glass of wine and a bit of food… Turns out they had some veggie sushi for me! Yum! Then I decided to have a quick shower since I wouldn’t get one on the plane (it was a 777 this time) but just as I was about to walk in to the showe room, I heard the announcement for my flight even though by boarding pass said boarding didn’t start for another 20 min! ¬†I hurried over to the front desk and asked if I should be boarding yet, which they replied they wouldn’t start boarding for another 10-15 min, so I could relax a bit more. I took them at their word and headed to have a quick shower, as I’d been dying in the heat all day, and then since I was a bit nervous about the boarding announcement I headed to my gate. ¬†I got there just as they were announcing they were about to close the gate, but it was still before the boarding time indicates on my boarding pass. ¬†Most people had gone through to the jet bridge, so I scanned my boarding pass, walked down the first portion of the walkway and then took a left to the first/business walkway.
I boarded the Boeing 777 and was greated by the friendly Emirates flight attendant and shown to my seat in the front section of the plane.

The seat was pretty much the same as the suit I had had on the A380, but the cabin only had 2 rows of 4 suites, so it was much smaller and more intimate. ¬†For a red-eye I’d say I like the smaller cabin better as it feels cosier for sleeping… But it could also have something to do with the fact that I think the 777 has better curtains to block out the sun…

After having a pre-departure beverage (why yes I will have a glass of Dom) and starting off season 10 of Friends while everyone else getting settled on the plane, we pushed back from the gate pretty much on time and were soon airborn above Dubai.  The flight would take just over 7 hours take-off to touchdown, and I hoped to get at least a nap during the flight.

I changed into my pjs as soon as it was safe to move about the cabin. ¬†I also asked for my meal to be heated up and my bed made… Because dinner in be in the sky, who doesn’t want that? ¬†I continued watching Friends until my dinner made an appearance. ¬†This time it seemed a bit more like a proper meal. ¬†There was even some tofu! Yum!

After the meal I relaxed in my bed and ended up falling asleep with Friends still playing.

I woke up a few hours later, but it was still dark outside. I tossed and turned for a little bit until I realized I wasn’t going to be getting any more sleep on the plane. ¬†I took a quick lap of the airplane where I ran into one of the flit attendants who commented on how long is been travelling for… I guess they could see that I’d started in LAX, which is interesting. ¬†After a quick chat about my travels I went back to my seat and ordered another drink or two ūüėČ Friends was still playing on the tv and provided some good entertainment… Although I did end up laughing out loud a few times… Hopefully I didn’t wake anyone up.

As we were approaching Singapore I asked what my breakfast was… turns out it was just some bread and fruit, which was fine as I wasn’t that hungry. ¬†I raised the window shades and watched the sunrise as we got closer to land.

Soon it was time to change back into my clothes and settle in for landing. ¬†Although I hadn’t gotten much sleep, I did feel a bit refreshed and was ready to go exploring! ¬†After a smooth landing and an announcement that transporting drugs is illegal (because apparently the rest of the flight it was okay?) we had to sit on the Tarmac for a short while as there was a plane blocking our gate. ¬†This worked out pretty well as the last episode of Friends was just finishing up…

“I got off the plane” -Rachel

And shortly after, we did too. I made my way to customs and had to briefly double back to fill out a form (which was not handed out on the plane?) before scanning my fingerprints and officially arriving in Singapore ūüôā


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